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A New Season

Dear friends, It has been a busy fall. Summer might belong past us, but we are still in the deep-end of the pool. We have been blessed with many calls and emails conveying your support and encouragement for our ministry and for the harvest work that our Evangelists are in the midst of. As I write this letter, it... Read More

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Story Time

Dear friends, I love hearing and reading people’s stories. Especially stories of how people have encountered God. Recently, at our regional retreats, our Evangelists shared their stories. There was a lot of vulnerability and trust as we gathered together and shared stories. These stories had similar themes - in... Read More


Fear & Doubt

From August 3-6, 2017 I was blessed to experience the beauty and hospitality of Whitehorse. I was there to speak at the Gospel Jamboree hosted by the Anglican Diocese of Yukon. A few days of fellowship, singing, teaching and growth. People came from across the province for this time together, with leaders from... Read More


Church Army: International Leaders Conference

In April, the triennial leaders conference was held for the global Church Army family. This meeting saw the leaders from 7 of the 11 countries meet to pray together, share ideas, and opportunities. While spread out across the globe, we share the vision and ethos of the ministry's founder, Wilson Carlile - who... Read More


Merry Christmas!

“COME ON, LET’S GO TO BETHLEHEM! LET’S SEE THIS WONDERFUL THING THAT HAS HAPPENED, WHICH THE LORD HAS TOLD US ABOUT.” (LUKE 2:15B NLT) This is the response of the shepherds after the angel has greeted them. The angel, joined by the “armies of heaven”, stands before the shepherds praising God – announcing the birth... Read More


The Harvest

A Letter from the National Director: Dear friends, I hope this letter finds you well. In September, I attended the Congress of Evangelism hosted by BGEA. It was a great time of fellowship and connecting with others who are also passionate about evangelism and discipleship in Canada. Afterwards, as I was traveling... Read More


As it is in Heaven

There are two things in ministry that really excite me: hearing stories of people coming to faith in Jesus and seeing people thrive in their gifts. For just over 5 years, I have been privileged to a front row seat to witness these two amazing occurrences unfold again and again. It is an awe-some privilege for... Read More


2015 Annual Report

The year that was 2015 was our 86th year of “formal ministry” in Canada, and my 4th year as Threshold Ministry’s National Director. To suggest that our shared lives together have been exciting and challenging would be a significant understatement! Over 86 years of ministry lends one to pause for reflection and... Read More


Fear Not

“Fear not!” “Be not afraid!” Did you know that there are approximately 365 variations of the statement in scripture? It might seem as though there is a message of reassurance for each day of the year. And yet, we live in a world of fear. All around us, news briefs highlight incidents of terror, fear, attacks, and... Read More