Celebrating 88 Years of Ministry in Canada

Celebrating 88 Years of Ministry in Canada

February 2nd, 2017 marks 88 years of ministry for Threshold Ministries. We have been blessed with a growing community of Evangelists and partners. Together, we are fulfilling the mission of our Founder, Wilson Carlile, and the commandments of Jesus; to love and serve one another. Thank you for partnering with us! We look forward to whatever the Lord has is store for us as we move forward.

“Heavely Father, we remember with thanksgiving and joy, the life and work of Threshold Ministries.We pray that as we move forward we may always fix our eyes on Jesus, and remember the vision of our predecessors. Lord, be with us as we continue to serve You.”


Alice Dods about 1 year ago

I have been involved with TH since 1961 when I moved into Georgina House and used to go to Ingles House on Sunday night. That's where I heard about Church Army. But as a farm
girl in Saskatchewan , the Sunday School van used to come in the summer. I guess I had contact since about 1948. I praise God for your hard working evangelists. Keep up the Lord's work, that we are all supposed to be doing.

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Shawn Branch about 1 year ago

Thanks Alice for your comments and your support! Many blessings Alice!