Go Explore!

As I was driving this morning, watching all the cars, staying in lanes, signalling turns, stopping together, moving together it occurred to me that it all seemed so mundane, predictable, mandated.  I wondered how it was that I became controlled in such a blasé form of exploration. The only places I could go is... Read More

Relaxing resorts


In·crease Your Faith This Summer  Yes, you still have time! Summer's not over yet! There are technically still 4 more weeks of this beautiful season, and we've got some tips for how to use them well: Tip #1: Enjoy God’s CreationWhen God finished the work of creation, He looked at the heavens and the earth and... Read More

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Story Time

Dear friends, I love hearing and reading people’s stories. Especially stories of how people have encountered God. Recently, at our regional retreats, our Evangelists shared their stories. There was a lot of vulnerability and trust as we gathered together and shared stories. These stories had similar themes - in... Read More


Fear & Doubt

From August 3-6, 2017 I was blessed to experience the beauty and hospitality of Whitehorse. I was there to speak at the Gospel Jamboree hosted by the Anglican Diocese of Yukon. A few days of fellowship, singing, teaching and growth. People came from across the province for this time together, with leaders from... Read More


Slowly Crossing the ‘Red Sea’

We are marvellously bogged down. We were making good progress in our study of Matthew and have come to a construction zone. We were zooming along the highway of the Gospel. We were slowed a bit during the Temptations like tourists we slowed to take in the scenery but traffic ground to a snail’s pace as we entered... Read More

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Second Chances

Dear Friends, You are so faithful. Thank you for continuing to support our ministry through prayer and financial gifts. It is an honour and a privilege to have your ongoing support for this ministry that seeks to share the love of Jesus with people who have multiple challenges in their lives. I see people who,... Read More