Mutual Dependency: Street Hope Victoria

A Letter From A Volunteer As a volunteer, sometimes it is easy to see the needs of the Street Hope folks before you really see them as a person. When I am caught up in my service to others, instead of seeing the relationship as mutual, it can result in a skewed perspective. Thankfully, this is corrected by the... Read More


60 Years Commissioned: Wally Corey

Celebrating 60 Years Commissioned TM Evangelist, Wally Corey, from Saint John, NB is celebrating his 60th anniversary as a commissioned Evangelist! Wally entered training in 1955 and is still active in ministry today. He has had an extensive ministry career and we wish him all the best as he continues to serve in... Read More


Church Army: International Leaders Conference

In April, the triennial leaders conference was held for the global Church Army family. This meeting saw the leaders from 7 of the 11 countries meet to pray together, share ideas, and opportunities. While spread out across the globe, we share the vision and ethos of the ministry's founder, Wilson Carlile - who... Read More


Understanding Missional Community

In 2016, Threshold Ministries (TM) launched a Missional Community (MC). Here are some FAQ that may help you understand what that means: What is the purpose of the Missional Community? The missional community exists to encourage, resource and enable people to share their faith within their own communities. Our... Read More



“What, in the world is a Fandango?” I expect to hear this question many times over the next few months. In fact you may be asking yourself that self-same question. Originally we were thinking about “Christmas in July”. During our early years Street Hope had sponsored a lavish Christmas Breakfast and we gave out... Read More

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Budding Relationships & Easter Baptisms

Jason Haggstrom, commissioned in 1991, has been leading congregations in remote and rural areas of Canada for a large portion of his ministry. Currently, serving in Prince Rupert, BC, he oversees the congregation of St. Andrew’s Cathedral and is Dean of the Diocese of Caledonia, offering support to the clergy and... Read More


Be Still

Jesus went off alone into the desert. I guess in doing so he did indeed give up the Judean version of chocolate but that was hardly the point. In the wilderness he became still. In the wilderness alone the dark sultry voice of temptation became painfully audible. In the business of life temptation subtly whispers,... Read More


TM Talks - Jen Burke

Jen Burke is the Children's Ministry Coordinator at Center Point Church, on Prince Edward Island. She is helping to build up the children’s and youth ministries and outreach to her community. Serving alongside her husband Chris, she has been active in youth ministry for many years. Jen completed her training... Read More

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A New RV for Street Hope Victoria

We have a new motorhome! We had to recycle the old one (the engine was used for a race car) as the smell of mould and the leaking ceiling was becoming a problem. We now have a wonderful 1993 27’ motor home. Thanks to a generous donor all purchase and renovation expenses were covered. We also had a generous... Read More


Celebrating 88 Years of Ministry in Canada

February 2nd, 2017 marks 88 years of ministry for Threshold Ministries. We have been blessed with a growing community of Evangelists and partners. Together, we are fulfilling the mission of our Founder, Wilson Carlile, and the commandments of Jesus; to love and serve one another. Thank you for partnering with us!... Read More