Following Jesus in an Outrage Culture

In days gone by canaries were used as an early warning system. In mines where methane or carbon monoxide might lurk as silent and invisible killers, a miner would take a canary below ground with him. The canary was much more sensitive to the toxic environment and would succumb to the deadly affects. The demise of... Read More

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Word & Action

Sharing Jesus through Word & Action We asked our Evangelists for some tips about sharing our faith in Jesus with non-Christians. Here are a few suggestions for how you can get started: Take Action: The greatest approach to evangelism comes from demonstrating the love of Jesus through action. Simply sharing the... Read More


Merry Christmas!

“COME ON, LET’S GO TO BETHLEHEM! LET’S SEE THIS WONDERFUL THING THAT HAS HAPPENED, WHICH THE LORD HAS TOLD US ABOUT.” (LUKE 2:15B NLT) This is the response of the shepherds after the angel has greeted them. The angel, joined by the “armies of heaven”, stands before the shepherds praising God – announcing the birth... Read More


Chop Chop: ICYM

Pictured:  Fran Menton, Acadia Broadcasting (event sponsor), Holly Singh (Thandi Restaurant), Peter Stoddart  (Saint John Ale House), Erin Hodge (Inner City Youth Ministry), Ben Gilcrist (St John the Baptist School), Nancy Tissington, Executive Director, Uptown Saint John, Inc., Brian Earle (ICYM) Uptown Saint... Read More


The Transformation of Tradition

Times are changing, schedules are filling and priorities are drifting. It’s clear to see that in North America, and maybe even globally, culture is shifting. While the church is supposed to be at odds with culture, it’s no surprise that we have expanded the definition of what church is, to wrap our arms around... Read More


TM Talks: Rob Pitman

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The Harvest

A Letter from the National Director: Dear friends, I hope this letter finds you well. In September, I attended the Congress of Evangelism hosted by BGEA. It was a great time of fellowship and connecting with others who are also passionate about evangelism and discipleship in Canada. Afterwards, as I was traveling... Read More

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Life Changing Conversation

Commissioned as an Evangelist with Threshold Ministries in 1989, Michelle Simons has been serving in ministry with the Barrie Food Bank since July 2004. As the Manager of Community Relations she is responsible for client care and advocacy, public relations and management of the warehouse. Michelle has a passion... Read More


Genuine Worship

“For worship to be true, lasting and authentic it must be based on heart authenticity AND solid theology. If it is not, our worship will fall apart during times of duress in our lives when we don't feel God like we used to.” –Tim Milner, How Right Worship Changes Us Chris Burke has been serving in ministry for... Read More

Happy thanksgiving

Living a Life of Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Threshold Ministries! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend full of great food, family, and friends.We are thankful for the evidence of God's fingerprints in our ministry, and for our faithful supporters who pray and give so generously to help enable us to continue to see lives transformed... Read More