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Faith Re-integration Project

Commissioned in 1990, Paul along with his wife, Michelle, has always persevered to serve the Lord in ministry. Over 25 years ago, Paul began ministry full-time with Threshold Ministries as a Youth Pastor in Scarborough, ON. For the past 16 years Paul has served in various administrative roles with Threshold... Read More


Fear Not

“Fear not!” “Be not afraid!” Did you know that there are approximately 365 variations of the statement in scripture? It might seem as though there is a message of reassurance for each day of the year. And yet, we live in a world of fear. All around us, news briefs highlight incidents of terror, fear, attacks, and... Read More

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The Joy of Giving

What a beautiful promise we celebrate every Christmas! We worship Jesus, our King and Saviour, who left the glory of His kingdom to come into human flesh for one purpose - to bring humanity the greatest hope imaginable! He gave us His all so that we, in turn, could share His mercy and love in the darkest places of... Read More

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A Day in the Life

Michelle Simon’s ministry at the Barrie Food Bank Friday, October 16, morning: We are right in the middle of our Thanksgiving Food Drive. During the previous week, we collected and sorted 70,000 lbs of food. In the next 6 days, we will collect 35,000 more and are planning on having another food sort with 40... Read More