Missional Community Regional Retreats: Central

Threshold Ministries Evangelists from central Canada gathered together this week, May 8-10, in Mississauga, ON as an intentional act of building community. With a theme of Sharing Our Stories (a play on the popular acronym S.O.S), this Regional Retreat was designed as a time of encouragement and rejuvenation.
As a Missional Community, Threshold Ministries continues to be intentional about building community, both within and beyond our ministry.
Here's what a few of the attendees has to say about the gathering:
"The sharing of our stories with one another at the regional retreat earlier this week was awesome! I heard again how Jesus has worked life-saving wonders in my colleagues and co-workers. This is the very news that excites me for the work of evangelism! I believe that this type of sharing together has strengthened the bond that we have with one another and invigorated our determination to keep on sharing Jesus with the world around us. Thank you to all who prayed or gave support in any way." - Lisa BrantFrancis
"Thank you very much for this opportunity! For me if this was one of the most meaningful regional gatherings I have ever been to! The theme Sharing Our Stories was a tremendous opportunity to hear about what God is doing, through the ministries of Evangelists, here in this part of Canada. One of the reasons this was such a significant gathering, was the sharing that took place on such a personal level, combined with the perseverance and victory that was shared in individuals personal lives and ministries. We all shared tears and laughter, prayer and support, that drew us closer together as a Threshold Ministries family. Personally, I have never been moved and blessed is such a profound way!" - Darrin Gaudreau
Our Missional Community will have two more gatherings in the coming weeks, in the eastern and western regions. Please continue to pray for them as they prepare to gather, encourage and be encouraged by each other.