Threshold Ministries trains individuals who have a heart for sharing the gospel. We give them the tools they need to go out and boldly work in whatever area of ministry God has called them to. One body of people, working towards the same goal through word and action.

In the Community

Transforming Communities through:

  1. Faith Reintegration in prisons and youth correctional facilities.
  2. Parenting courses, meal programs in schools, pregnancy care centres.
  3. Reaching the unreached in neutral locations, creating a safe place to minister to those that are uncomfortable in the church environment.
  4. Providing quality, low cost resources through community thrift stores, after school programs etc...

Canada’s prison population is now at its highest level ever, even though the crime rate has been decreasing over the past two decades. Ten years ago, the number of inmates in federal prisons was close to 12,000. It’s now more than 15,000.
• Visible minorities up 75% in past decade
• Aboriginal women up 80% in the past decade
• CSC budget up 40% in the past five years - $42.6 billion spent on 2700 new cells

Whether inside or outside, being a ‘whole’ person is about more than having clothes on your back, food in your belly and a roof over your head. Fed, clothed and housed by Corrections Canada, each inmate’s physical needs are taken care of during their period of incarceration. But what happens to the rest of the person, from a social, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual perspective? And who attends to those aspects for an offender’s children, family and community, all still living on the outside and dealing with the ripple effects of an incarceration. Threshold Ministries takes a stand around what makes a person whole.

Our Evangelists serve is a variety of contexts all across Canada. Many of them are working with the disenfranchised, and those on the fringes of society. The first step is often building relationships by providing for their physical needs (food, shelter, clothing) and then sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ to meet and nurture the spiritual needs. We have Evangelists working with children, youth, adults and seniors in various programs and communities. By word and action, we see lives transformed and communities changed.

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In the Church

We are:

  • All denominations
  • Clergy, pastors, youth leaders, teachers
  • Working in the church to bring a refreshing take on evangelism and the importance of its priority in the church. Many Christians believe that evangelism is what pastors and staff are paid to do. By sharing God’s grace and hope with the congregations, our goal is that the importance of sharing God’s word with everyone will ring true.
  • Through prayer, word and action, we challenge the church, individuals and ourselves to be missional and evangelistic.
  • Equipping congregations to share their faith through workshops, courses and conferences, outreach events, Bible studies etc...
  • Sharing motivational evangelism tips and testimonies on our website, blog and social media.

On the Streets

Helping and Healing through:

  • Feeding/clothing the hungry and poor
  • Social programs
  • Connecting and sharing hope through community events and activities

Street Hope is a branch of Threshold Ministries that focuses on bringing hope to those who may be down on their luck. Providing food, clothing, support and friendship to those on the streets is a big part of what the Street Hope projects do.

There are currently 3 Street Hope locations across Canada:

  • Saint John, NB
  • Victoria, BC
  • Peterborough, ON