A Time for Everything

Dear friends, The scriptures remind us that there is a time for everything under the sun, “a time to plant and a time to uproot… a time to search and a time to give up… a time to be silent and a time to speak.” (Ecclesiastes 3) As the winter waits for the spring, we as a ministry find ourselves in a season of... Read More


Looking Back, Looking Up

Stories of Faith & Hope   We want to wish a huge congratulations to TM Evangelist, Grahme Spear, on the recent publication of his book "Looking Back Looking Up." About the Book:  David Grahme Spear was born and raised on a farm near Russell, MB, where, after graduating from high school, he farmed with his... Read More

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Lent: An Act of Worship

Pray. Fast. Give. How are you observing Lent?  Are you giving up a certain food/drink?  Abstaining from TV or Social Media? Or are you going to take on something that will draw you closer to Jesus?  I have in the past given up chips, chocolate, or something like that and when I was younger always wondered, how was... Read More

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Janet's Miracle

Does God really perform miracles in this day and age? Some would say no, but Janet Edwards says yes. It’s all still hard to comprehend, and there are the questions of how God did it and in particular, why. “Praise God! It’s difficult to believe, but it’s difficult to deny this is a miracle” said Janet. “And it’s... Read More


I don't feel like it!

I DON’T WANT TO because I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT and therefore I’M NOT GOING TO! "...And furthermore I have several good reasons why I shouldn’t. Profound insights into cerebrally bizarre and disjointed arguments that support me in my conclusions. And it is all thoroughly supported by anecdotal evidence that I have... Read More

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When God says "No"

Diocese welcomes Shawn Branch as Parish Development Officer What happens when your plans are all made and then God says no? You change your plans. That’s what happened to Shawn Branch last fall when he was offered a job as executive assistant to the Bishop of the Diocese of the Arctic. Shawn, the former national... Read More


Spilled Coffee

"Here’s a great analogy I’ll never forget. You are holding a cup of coffee and someone comes along and shoves you or shakes your arm, making you spill your coffee everywhere. Why did you spill the coffee? “Well because someone shook me, of course!” Wrong answer. You spilled the coffee because coffee was in the... Read More



Set the Temperature Too often, when we hear that the joy of the Lord is our strength, we connect with the strength part and leave the JOY part sitting on the sidelines. The joy we cultivate this season is what carries us, with strength, through to the end of the task. As a Christian parent/spouse/... Read More


God's Provision & Mercy - Street Hope Victoria

Dear Street Hope Supporters, It has been a challenging year for us at Street Hope Victoria, but it has also been a year full of God’s mercy and provision.  Erick, one of our longest serving volunteers is seriously sick with cancer, Street Hope experienced significant financial shortfall, and we lacked... Read More


Commissioning: Joan Cavanaugh-Clark

On Sunday, November 19th, 2017, Joan Cavanaugh-Clark was commissioned as an Evangelist into the Threshold Ministries Missional Community.The celebration was held at St Paul's Church in Minden, ON. TM National Director, Shawn C. Branch and Dean of Community, Bonnie Hunt were a part of the service, along with 40+... Read More