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The year that was 2015 was our 86th year of “formal ministry” in Canada, and my 4th year as Threshold Ministry’s National Director. To suggest that our shared lives together have been exciting and challenging would be a significant understatement!

Over 86 years of ministry lends one to pause for reflection and consideration of the impact that we have made on the community, the church and our country. To think that it all began as an experiment, when a group of evangelists came from the UK, charged with the task of sharing the Gospel, to equip and mobilize the saints for ministry.

We have not left our mandate! Today, we have continued to live up to this weighty challenge of bringing Light into dark places, by equipping individuals and challenging others to replicate in their communities. The methodology and practice has varied and changed – our culture and society have changed, but we strive on.

With your help, through your prayers, encouragement and financial support, we have continued to work with denominational leaders to help mobilize and equip congregations for evangelism and mission. Stepping into Evangelism has been modified into a parish workshop, opening doors so that we can help parishes see their part in God’s story and generate some encouragement for reaching out.

We have continued to equip men and women for ministry – some for full-time, others for bi-vocational ministry. In the coming year, we are looking at commissioning 5 new evangelists! Some of our evangelists have begun new work, in new communities – including 5 community chaplaincies.

Financially, we suffered a deficit. This is painful and can be discouraging. What I am in awe of is how, despite the deficit, we did not need to cut any ministry projects. God sustained us. It did mean, however, that we had to delay launching some new projects that we were dreaming of, until the time was right.

I give thanks – for wisdom, for the saints who stand with us, for the privilege of being a part of His unfolding mystery, for our evangelists, the board and our staff. We do this and continue in this mandate, to walk alongside as we journey together and offer, “to the only wise God be glory forevermore through Jesus Christ! Amen.” (Romans 16:27)


Shawn C. Branch