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Threshold Ministries is celebrating 90 years of ministry, and OH how sweet that is!

We have seen God’s hand at work, and He has blessed us richly. For almost a century we have been helping people know Jesus, and as a result, we’ve seen lives transformed and communities changed. We are ninety & we are still on the go!

For our 90th anniversary, we have decided to celebrate this year of jubilee and GO with a few challenges! For the next year, we will be embracing 9-oh&go as a movement and lifestyle.

9-oh&go is a celebration in honor of Threshold 90th year of ministry.  Not only is it a celebration of Threshold Ministries’ 90th, but also a themed-conduit for action. We are challenging you to come with us as we continue to reach our communities - and more importantly, the individuals who make up those communities; the lost, the lonely, the fearful, the poor.  There is so much injustice in our world, but we have the hope they need! 

9-oh&go began as a conversation among the National Office staff.  That conversation turned into many more conversations.  We asked ourselves how we could celebrate our 90th, but really see the mission and mandate of Threshold Ministry lived out in a very tangible way.  There was a lot of "percolating" on this in order to come up with an "idea" for doing more of this kind of ministry within our 90th year.  These conversations, prayers, and percolations became our vision for 9-oh&go and has since turned into the heartbeat of our ministry and what we can accomplish in the next year. It is a challenge for you to invest and be involved in the lives of those in your community. Their story is important and it matters - those people matter. 

How can 9-oh&go help you do this? We have 5 challenges for you:

1. PRAYER 9-oh
Will you join us every day at 9:09 am or 9:09 pm and pray for God to move in your community? 

2. GIFT 9-oh
Would you consider giving an extra gift this year of $90.00 to further the work of Threshold Ministries? 

3. INVEST 9-oh 
Would you be willing to invest 90 minutes of community service in your local community? Might you do this monthly? 

Perhaps you can do this as a team or a staff.  The ideas are endless!  We, as the National Office staff, spent 90 minutes cleaning the ditches on our street.  We were able to connect with people who were walking by and planted a few "seeds"!  

4. GIVE 9-oh 
Would you give 90 items away to bless those in need? 

Again this may be a team-effort within your ministry/family/peer group.  We recently held a Touch-a-Truck and asked for donations of peanut-free snack for The Lunch Connection: Summer Edition, which provides free meals for families in Saint John's priority neighbourhoods.  We prayed for 90 and we gathered 109!  

5. BLESS 9-oh 
With 90 random act of Kindness. 

This too may be a team-effort or over a longer period of time.  My hubby turned the big five-oh this past April.  I decided to honor him by doing 50 random acts of kindness for 50 days leading up to his big day.  I will have to write a story about this and share it with all of you.   The Lord lead me into situations that were far outside of my comfort zone! I learned so much, and the small acts of service that I gave, were eye-opening lessons from my Father.  I was reminded again to live each day with intention.  I learned again to keep my eyes, ears, and heart wide open for what God may have me do that day...again, amazing moments that I must blog about soon!


We are encouraging you all to take part in this ministry, and then encouraging you to share your story with us!

We are Threshold 90. We will give. We will invest. We will pray.  We will bless. 
Why? Because we are called. 

“You will be His witness to all people of what you have seen and heard.” 
Acts 22:15 

For 90 years, Threshold Ministries has been loving and serving people and communities, and we are still on the go! Will you join us?


For more information, ideas and updates, visit the 9-oh page on our website: