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We have a new motorhome!

We had to recycle the old one (the engine was used for a race car) as the smell of mould and the leaking ceiling was becoming a problem. We now have a wonderful 1993 27’ motor home. Thanks to a generous donor all purchase and renovation expenses were covered. We also had a generous donation from an individual who spent countless hours taking apart and then renovating the new vehicle. 

Already I am appreciating the new RV. So much more room and easier to connect withpeople because they are spread out throughout the RV. It was great! When Tim and I were walking to the RV on Tuesday evening, there in front of us was the RV and from all different directions there werestreams of people walking towards the RV… somebody in a scooter, somebody with a walker, in groups of two or three. It was a beautiful sight. When I got to the door, one person that often comes to Street Hope was standing there. He said to me, “I told them, I told them that you were here and got every-one to come!” It reminded me of how God is at work in different people’s lives and that he uses different people to draw others to Christ. I really hope that over the coming season they will encounter Christ in the RV.” 

Street Hope has been working n Victoria for the past 30 years. Since 2010 a group of volunteers have gathered to serve soup, sandwiches, hot chocolate, cookies and juice from a 27’ motor home
twice a week in the downtown area. On Tuesday and Thursday nights between 7:30 & 9:30 the Street Hope Victoria motor home parks outside Revenue Canada on Vancouver Street to feed and care for those on the fringes of society. “We are often greeted by a line up of people” comments long time Street Hope volunteer Rob Hosie. “In a night we see up to 45-50 people (to a surge of 100). Some live on the street while others have a home. People come for food but many linger and enjoy conversation with their friends and the volunteers.” 

The menu is consistent and filling. “The soup is homemade and there is often a choice of 2-4 types. The sandwiches are made on site. The guests can choose from a combination of peanut butter, jam, Cheez Whiz, hummus, Nutella and real cheese with their choice of white or brown bread. In one night we can go through 16 loaves of bread, 2 litres of peanut butter, 1.5 littles of Cheez Whiz, 12-24 litres of soup, 2 jars of Nutella, 900 grams of hummus and real cheese, 30 bananas, 90-100 packages of cookies and 10 litres of hot chocolate.” 

Through Spirit-led personal relationships and practical acts, Street Hope Victoria seeks to experience and share God’s heal-ing love with the home-less and marginalized while working to protect, nurture, guide and assist them to fullness of life and faith in Christ. 

“The prayer, financial support and food donations of our supporters and volunteers are what keeps this ministry going.”

To find out how you can support Street Hope Victoria, visit their website or contact Erick Hinton or Rob Hosie

Street Hope Victoria was founded in the 1980’s by Captain Rick Sandberg of Church Army.
It is one of the four Street Hope locations in Canada, and operates under its parent organization Threshold Ministries