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Threshold Ministries is excited to announce the appointment of Bonnie Hunt as the first Dean of Community for Threshold Ministries' Missional Community! After months of prayer and discernment, Bonnie has agreed to take on this leadership role and help lead our community and ministry into its next season.

We are grateful for Bonnie's willingness to serve and for her commitment to our community. We are equally grateful to the individuals who offered themselves and/or their time as we went through this discernment. We started this process almost two years ago, aiming to see how we could better support each other, resource those who share our vision and be a witness of Christ-like followers.

Together we prayed, read, met, discussed and prayed even more. As we sought God's will for us and dreamed about what a Missional Community would look like, we saw excitement and interest build. Many individuals approached us inquiring, "How can I be a part of this?" We saw this as a clear indication and testimony of God establishing our path; leading us to develop a Missional Community. Until now, only those commissioned by our ministry were able to be a part of the community. Becoming a Missional Community means that now many other people can join the organization as members of a new modern missionary movement.

Threshold Ministries’ new Dean of Community, Bonnie, was commissioned in 1997. Since then, she has worked to show the love of Christ to some of the most marginalized and misunderstood people in her community. She has a compassionate heart for those on the fringe of society, and embodies Wilson Carlile's dedication to ministering to the broken. As a key part of her ministry, Bonnie has raised up many volunteers and impacted many lives. Bonnie is a leader who overflows with gifts and has a real heart for the mission of Threshold Ministries. 

We are thrilled by this appointment, and are looking forward to growing our Missional Community together. We entrust that Bonnie, working alongside Shawn as the Mission Leader, will be successful in bringing the vision of Threshold Ministries as a living, vibrant Missional Community to life. 

Bonnie says of her new appointment: 
"I am excited to join the national team, helping to vision and work toward our goal of becoming a Missional Community. I look forward to connecting with you all in the near future."

We give Bonnie our support, love and prayers as she prepares to transition from her current ministry and take up her new appointment. Threshold Ministries is both excited and blessed to have Bonnie on board.