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Have you ever struggled to convey your faith and values to your friends? Are you close with someone who is searching for life’s answers, but aren’t sure just what to say? ‘Faith Pictures’ is a short course designed to help Christians talk naturally to friends, neighbours and colleagues about what they believe.

‘Faith Pictures’ is a free resource produced by Church Army, a mission community of people who are “transforming love and local communities.” Church Army is part of the Anglican church, but works across many denominations and inter-agency projects, so ‘Faith Pictures’ is not tied to any denomination or tradition.

“The heart of the course is about helping people to identify a single picture or image that embodies something of their faith. This is because the kind of communication which best stick in the mind are concrete and rooted in story.

The course aims to be accessible and light-hearted, without jargon or inflexible methods. It has a number of emphases not always found in faith-sharing courses. These include the avoidance of one-size-fits-all models and the importance of honesty and listening. Each session contains a short video and encourages discussion in pairs and as a whole group.”

This six-session course, is mainly aimed at small group meetings in a home setting. It is for people of any Christian tradition and none. It has been designed to appeal particularly to people who would normally run a mile from courses on faith-sharing!

An essential aspect of ‘Faith Pictures’ is that it is accessible. It is unapologetic about being a first step in helping a wide variety of people think about sharing their faith. It aims to appeal to people who may find in-depth Bible study and theology a mission daunting.

Each session lasts between an hour-and-a-half and two hours. Most groups will run ‘Faith Pictures’ as a weekly course over six weeks, but other formats may be possible.

To learn more about this resource, visit their website.