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“What, in the world is a Fandango?” I expect to hear this question many times over the next few months. In fact you may be asking yourself that self-same question. Originally we were thinking about “Christmas in July”. During our early years Street Hope had sponsored a lavish Christmas Breakfast and we gave out gifts. One year we gave out electric blankets and another backpacks full of winter gear, but we began to feel that the Christmas Season was becoming ‘a bit crowded’. Many other ministries and programs were serving our population and one of our guiding principles is that we do not wish to compete or duplicate what others are doing. After a time the idea of celebrating via incarnational ministry in July emerged and “What to give?” became the question. After listening to our community, and to the Lord, we decided that electric fans were the answer to our ‘missional’ question.

Many in our community live in airless rooms. These rooms often become sweltering in the summer months. Sleep becomes difficult and tempers become short. We think we can make a positive impact on our community through the gift of 100 electric fans!

Once we hit on the idea of fans the name ‘Fandango’ soon followed. In the parlance of the South West a Fandango is a party. We decided to throw a party and invite the neighbourhood on Friday July 7th. One of New Brunswick’s best high-end catering firms ‘The Chef’s Table’ has agreed to partner with us in providing a ‘South Western’ themed 5 course meal. The Fandango will be an evening of fine dining, which many of our friends have not before experienced.

Besides the meal, we are planning for live and festive music to fill the air, and we will give each guest an electric fan as they leave the party! We will also have a ‘word from our sponsor’ introducing folks to the Saviour, who loves to party!

Our goal is to do all this for $55/guest. To meet this we will need much help. I write this to ask you to consider sponsoring one or more guests for our Fandango. Cheques can be made out to “Threshold Ministries” with "SHSJ Fandango" in the memo and sent to Threshold Ministries: 105 Mountain View Drive, Saint John, NB, E2J 5B5, through Canada Helps, by credit card - call Threshold Ministries National Office 1.506.642.2210, or visit and make a donation using Pay Pal. Please make sure to note that your gift is for “SHSJ Fandango”. All gifts are tax deductible.

We believe our friends will be talking about ‘the God who throws a Fandango’, for a long time. Please consider helping us, for His fame and in His name. Yours in Christ,  

<>< Reed Fleming

Street Hope Saint John

“Born again to a living hope…” 1 Peter 1:3


Street Hope is a ministry project of Threshold Ministries and focus on bringing hope to those who may be down in their luck. Providing food, clothing, support and friendship to those on the streets is a big part of what the Street Hope projects do.

Street Hope locations can be found in:

  • Saint John, NB
  • Victoria, BC
  • Peterborough, ON