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Set the Temperature

Too often, when we hear that the joy of the Lord is our strength, we connect with the strength part and leave the JOY part sitting on the sidelines. The joy we cultivate this season is what carries us, with strength, through to the end of the task. As a Christian parent/spouse/ friend/neighbour, we are called to set the proverbial temperature of our home… you are called to be the joy-setter! If we let God’s joy shine through us, regardless of our emotions or circumstances, it can change the whole tone of the day.

Spread it Around

We can bring joy to the neighbourhood too by helping others with what they may need: carrying groceries over an icy stoop, shoveling and salting their walk way. Encourage them to participate in some of the joys of the winter season and join in a sledding party, winter walk or caroling! So often we huddle inside during winter months, and we neglect showing those in our neighborhood the reason we have our joy year round. If you and your family are able and active, spread that message to your neighbours, we are indeed the salt of the earth, spread it thick during these cold hard months to come.




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