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We are looking to the future after a 2-year discernment of moving toward becoming a Missional Community. After reading, prayer, discussion, reflection and more prayer together, the evangelists and board have discerned to move in this direction.

This means that many other people can join the organization as members of a new modern missionary movement.

“The vision is for Threshold Ministries to be able to welcome and support people who are passionate about sharing the Gospel, seeing communities transformed and lives changed. Until now, only those commissioned by our ministry were part of the community. Our founder, Wilson Carlile, had a vision to ‘help turn the church inside out’ and we share that vision.” said Shawn C. Branch, National Director and Mission Leader.

This operational discernment makes it possible for Threshold Ministries to become the spiritual home for all who are passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus through words and action with those beyond the reach of the Church. We hope to be in a position to announce how people can join our new community by the fall of 2016.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about how you can be a part of the community, please call (506)642-2210 or email