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The mission of Street Hope Whitehorse is that of the Church - to reach out in the love of God to others with the message of Hope found in the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. Street Hope Whitehorse attempts to do this outreach ministry in partnership with the Churches of Whitehorse and Threshold Ministries.

The Street Hope Whitehorse team consists of 15 to 20 volunteers, including those who support us in prayer. The vision of Street Hope Whitehorse is to be a group of Christians, prayerfully reaching out to the community to share Christ's Gospel message of Hope.

We seek to reach out to all people. We seek to help all people that we encounter, letting them know that God loves them by our actions and by our words. It is a ministry of compassion that cannot be faked. It is made real by the enabling of God, the Holy Spirit and the faithful prayers of Street Hope supporters.

“The Well”, as it is called, is a monthly gathering of team members and supporters. We meet at the Fireplace Room in Shipyards Park (a rented facility) for a meal and fellowship together. We read scripture and discuss it, we sing and we pray together.

A gathering for Bible reflection at the A&W on Thursday mornings continues as a quiet witness in that environment. As well as early morning visits to Tim Horton’s that have developed relationships over the past few years, allowing continued contact with a particular group of men in the community.

Personal follow up to contacts made through Street Hope ministry is an integral step in building these relationships. As this ministry develops, it does become more demanding of time, but it is a worthy investment as relationships of trust emerge.

"Helping people help themselves" is a motto we live by.

We work with local area churches year-round who support Street Hope by donating and serving meals and provisions to those in need. We are extremely thankful for their donations of Warm Woolens and food vouchers for us to distribute to those who utilize the food bank which provides them with a supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. These partnerships, based in the Gospel, open doors so that together can make good things happen in the lives of others, helping them to know that they are loved and to show them that Hope that has been given for us all in Christ our Lord.

The volunteer ministry of Street Hope Whitehorse is generously supported by people both local and from across the country. If you are interested in supporting Street Hope Whitehorse please visit them online.