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“Who would make a garden on a rock pile?” This was a question posed to me two years ago when we first contemplated our Street Hope Community Garden. My answer was “God would! Just take a look at my life.” This kind of reclamation project is what He specializes in.

Our first year we hauled away years of accumulated refuse including much brick and rock. We built boxes and trucked in soil but the new garden didn’t yield the harvest we envisioned. Last year ‘infrastructure’ remained our prime goal as we laid landscape fabric and trucked in piles of mulch. The garden looked so much better. We had transformed it from a derelict to something that obviously had potential. Our harvest was still not the bumper crop we looked for. 
This year our goal is to improve the soil and to make significant strides to increase our yield. We do this for several reasons.

  • Each fall we use the harvest to create the basis for a giant stew and we invite the South End of Saint John to Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • Romans 1:20 tells us that there is enough evidence in ‘nature’ that we can recognize God’s divine nature and power, and so worship Him. Many inner-city folk do not get such opportunities to see ‘nature’ in this way.
  • Gardening has become an important part of our community’s goal to live ‘questionable’ lives. We have found that this project provides us with many opportunities to “give a reason for the hope that lies within us”.
  • The garden itself is a prophetic picture of the life that God longs to bring to those areas and lives which appear abandoned. He delights in bringing life where the world sees only rocks and refuse.

You can help us reach our goal!
Each year sees a growing enthusiasm in our community. This year the anticipation is palpable. To improve our garden as we hope will require an investment in ‘sweat equity’ which we will have in abundance. It will also require financial support as we rehabilitate the soil with natural fertilizers and compost. Our budget this year is $2,000. Cheques can be made out to “Street Hope Saint John” marking Garden Project in the memo and sent to: 

Threshold Ministries
105 Mountain View Dr.
Saint John, NB
E2J 5B5

For more information, visit Street Hope’s website or contact Reed Fleming: / (506) 721-1788