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In 2016, Threshold Ministries (TM) launched a Missional Community (MC). Here are some FAQ that may help you understand what that means:

What is the purpose of the Missional Community?

  • The missional community exists to encourage, resource and enable people to share their faith within their own communities.
  • Our vision: The missional community is a movement of Christians across Canada who are passionate about the Good News of Jesus Christ and who want to share it with their family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and with those in need in their communities. Here you can be encouraged, resourced and gather together with other Christians who are committed to evangelism.  

How does it work?

  • The MC doesn’t change what TM as a ministry is called to do (bring people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ), but rather being a MC makes us more intentional about how we work and interact with other members and helps us to more fully live out our core values and our calling.
  • We have a Dean of Community who oversees the pastoral needs of the community. She also facilitates events to gather community members for teaching, encouraging and support. Once every 2 years our community gathers nationally, and in the off years we gather by region.
  • We are encouraged to be in contact with each other on a regular basis via email, phone or gathering in person.
  • We commit to following a Rule of Life, meeting regionally/nationally, praying for each other and support the work of TM.  

Why did TM become a MC?

  • Looking back at our founder, we can see that even back in our early days it was Wilson Carlile’s desire that we embody the ethos and function of a Missional Community.
  • We have always functioned in a Christian community, by being a formal MC, we acknowledge that we are primarily a family, and that puts the sense of community at the centre of who we are.  

What is the benefit of being a part of the MC?

  • People from all backgrounds being called into evangelism; to use the gifts and calling God has placed on them, (including those who are not called to, or able to be in, fulltime ministry) can find training, support and encouragement. This also includes those who work for and support TM.
  • Disciplined Spirituality - Following a Rule of Life, centering on our relationship with Jesus, and praying is nothing new for TM. Yet, as a MC these disciplines bring an intentionality to the center of our lives.
  • Being part of a MC means that you are part of a community where accountability and support are possible and life-giving. Being part of a community helps to eliminate the feeling of isolation.  

What are the first steps of joining?

  • Are you feeling called to join our MC? Explore our website and check out our Core Values booklet to find out more about who TM is. Pray for discernment; where is God calling you? Currently there are 2 categories of people in our MC:
  1. Commissioned Evangelists - who ascribe to the core values of TM and have been trained through TM.
  2. Covenanted Evangelists - who feel an affinity to TM they view TM as a home. In the fall, we will be launching 2 additional pathways to join our MC. More details coming soon.
  • Call and speak to our Dean of Community - Bonnie Hunt: (506) 642-2210.  

How many people are in the MC?

  • We currently have 66 Commissioned/Covenanted Evangelists and 4 Evangelists-in-Training.  

Are there different models of MC?

  • There are many models of MCs. Each one has its own Rule of Life and operates differently. Some live and work in community, while others (like ours) are dispersed. All have the same goal; living and working to fulfill God’s call in their life.


For more information about Threshold Ministries and our Missional Community, visit, call or email our National Office: (506) 642-2210 /