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Sharing Jesus through Word & Action

We asked our Evangelists for some tips about sharing our faith in Jesus with non-Christians. Here are a few suggestions for how you can get started:

Take Action: The greatest approach to evangelism comes from demonstrating the love of Jesus through action. Simply sharing the Gospel of Christ with words without meeting the practical needs of others is empty evangelism. People often remember an act of mercy and compassion more then words and Jesus uses our efforts to lead people into a relationship with Him! (James 2:17)

– Darrin Gaudreau

Start with Prayer: Build relationships with individuals, to find out what their questions are so that we can help them find answers in Jesus. All relationship building has to be undergirded with prayer – prayer for gospel openings and wisdom to say the rights words when the openings come.

– Linda Fleming

Listen: Be a good listener. People aren’t expecting us to have all the answers, more than anything else they want someone to care for them and listen to their concerns and help them as best as we can and not just pay them lip service.

– Rob Pitman

Be Bold: Create an understandable and non-churchy language to communicate with others. Introduce people to a real manifest God, not just your proper theology and church involvement. Live and move in the miraculous. People want to experience a real God, not the theory of one. Care about the person in a non-patronizing way. I would want to know that people truly care about me as a person more than the opportunity for conversion. Be bold but not obnoxious.

– Michelle Simons