Commissioned: 1994

Ministry: Missioner, Eastmain, QC

Pastor/Incumbent, Anglican Parish of St. Mark's

Aggie is a gifted child’s evangelist and musician. She has served in churches in a variety of denominations throughout the Maritimes, Manitoba and British Columbia. Having recently completed training in animation, she has spent sometime working in the public sector with animation studios. In the spring of 2017, she relocated to Eastmain, QC where her position is twofold: to serve as Pastor/Incumbent for the Anglican Parish of St. Mark's and as Missioner in the isolated Cree community. Aggie hopes to learn the culture and language of the Cree people of James Bay. She desires to love the people and see the church grow in discipleship; to be a place for children and youth to journey in their faith in Christ; for adults to continue to grow in their faith; for there to be great joy in their journey together.