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Mark Cooney, new to Threshold Ministries, has started a new project called Ripple of Us.  To raise seed money for this ministry, Mark is riding a 25K with Ride of Refuge on October the 3rd!  Come to 105 Mountain View Drive on Saturday for lunch (by donation) from 11 -2 to celebrate the Ride!

Director Jonathan Clarke and friends are running a 25K in TO.

Due to Covid, the Ride this year is freestyle!  "You can select a fundraising activity that you love.  Do what you can, wherever you can."  #nobikesrequired  You can check it out here.

Mark has a few family members and friends doing just that! The teams continue to grow, but you can see them all here.  You can scroll to the bottom and donate as well.  Threshold Minsitries & Ripple of Us appreciates every donation!  Thanks for considering donating to this fundraiser.  You will receive a taxable receipt for every donation over $20.00.  This will come directly to your email from Blue Sea Foundation

Most importanly, please pray for this day and this new ministry!

The day will end with an Open House at Threshold Ministries.  The Ride will be hosting a Barbecue, with all the precautions!  All proceeds will be going to the fundraiser.  Reed Fleming will be doing tours and inspiring people by sharing his vision for a new ministry - Theshold House.  Street Hope Saint John is now located on 105 Mountain View Drive! These two new ministries are joining forces and sharing their call to ministry.  

A project Spotlight by Mark Cooney - Ripple of Us

I have spent the last 30 years in full-time pastoral church ministry. As much as I am passionate about church ministry, my heart has been growing ever more called to be in community — where community helps community. So many times, in those years of church, I received calls from people asking for food, money, time, or various other needs. Often times, there were not the resources to do this.

The Ripple of Us project is a call to meaningful community with an understated but far-reaching impact. We provide the framework for small, manageable actions that ripple beyond our view. In each of us there is a desire to make a lasting impact on our world. Often, we do not know where to start—even when there are many possibilities.

We desire to:

  • Inhabit: to connect with the lives of those around us
  • Invest: to identify and offer practical resources to meet the needs of those around us
  • Instill: to help those whom we serve to discover their true value in the eyes of the Saviour
  • Inspire: to give those around us the tools to build a life of dignity and, in turn, not only help themselves but others.

The ripple continues—each act having an impact on the next.

At Ripple of Us, we believe the best way to leave a mark is to Start Small: our mission is to equip people with the ideas and resources required to make consistent ripples within society. Tiny deeds become a growing force for good.

In order to grow this ministry, we are currently seeking prayer partners and financial support. I, along with Jonathan Clarke and others, will be taking part in Ride for Refuge. For more information, or to support Threshold, go to the Ride website To stay in touch, you can follow us on facebook, or sign up for a newsletter here.

You can find Ripple of Us on facebook.