If you're interested in joining the 9-oh movement, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Who needs 90 minutes of your time? 
Who needs 90 of something?
Who are 90 people that you can bless?

Set your own personal goals, but we encourage you to find a team of people who will walk this out with you. Build community as you go!

And be sure to share your 9-oh stories with us! It's not about you (or us) feeling good about our accomplishments, it's about giving God the glory for the many blessing we have and are able to share with others. It's about building His Kingdom. It's about sharing a taste of that Kingdom with others, even if they don't yet know the King.

We will give. We will invest. We will pray. We will bless. We will share, share, share!


  • Hospital
  • Nursing home
  • Garbage clean-up
  • Food bank
  • Schools
  • Homeless shelter
  • Community centre
  • Youth shelter
  • Boys&Girls club
  • Church
  • Animal shelter
  • Neighbourhood
  • Retirement residence
  • Sports organization
  • Charity thrift store
  • After school program


  • 90 bottles of water to a local university
  • 90 cups of coffee to a construction crew
  • 90 timbits to a fire station
  • 90 boxes of Kleenex to a nursing home
  • 90 candy canes to an after school program


  • Mow your neighbours lawn
  • Pay for the food order behind you in the drive-thru
  • Take cold beverages to a local sports field
  • Leave a toonie on the washing machines at a local Laundromat
  • Open the door for someone else