Through the Great Commission we, as Christians, have been called to evangelize to every nation, tribe, and tongue. At Threshold Ministries, you will discover God's heart of evangelism and have opportunities to share the Gospel with those who need it most. If you have ever considered stepping out of the status quo and choosing a life of adventure with God, then you've come to the right place.

Transform Your Community

Being trained as an evangelist would allow you to serve in your local community; leading others to a personal awakening of faith in Christ among non-believers and those who have lost their faith.

Who Does God Call to be an Evangelist?

  • Ordinary people of all ages and occupations who are Christian;
  • Some are serving in addiction clinics, chaplaincy in jails, youth groups, serving the poor, seniors homes and clothing depots;
  • People who have a 'heart' for the outsider and for those who have not yet recognized the presence of Jesus in their lives;
  • Individuals who can live out this vocation while continuing to be teachers, nurses, labourers, etc. in their community;
  • People like you in all forms of traditional and non-traditional church settings.

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Don't Feel Called to be an Evangelist?

Maybe God is calling you to part a part of one of our new Pathways. Do you serve as a volunteer with an Evangelist or want to be more intentional about supporting Threshold Ministries through prayer, giving and/or practical help?

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* In addition to completing the application form, please ensure that your references (and spouse, if applicable) complete their forms - it is your responsibility to have them complete the forms and submit them to Threshold Ministries. A paper copy of these forms is available upon request.

You will also need to send us an official transcript for any post-secondary education you may have received, and a current criminal record check.

Pastoral Reference

Personal Reference

Employer Reference

Spousal Reference

Contact Karen Cooney if you have questions or need assistance.