The Rule of Life for the Missional Community

Threshold Ministries is a dispersed evangelistic community. We seek to follow the vision for ministry as displayed by our founder, Wilson Carlile CH. We are historically rooted within the Anglican Communion, while connected to the whole of the body of believers who follow Jesus Christ.

We desire, together:

  • to do the work of an evangelist in the power of the Holy Spirit, caring for people by word and action.
  • to order our lives after the example of Christ, and to allow nothing in our personal relationships and behaviour, which would hinder us in making God’s love real to other people.
  • to maintain a rule about spiritual discipline and devotion and the stewardship of time and money.
  • to undertake such study as will increase our understanding of the message of God to the people and situations to which we are sent.
  • to be faithful members of a local church and to work for Christian unity.
  • to work and pray for the effectiveness of Threshold Ministries and to promote sound relationships with colleagues.