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Dear friends,  

Like a magician pulling back his cape, we want to make the invisible visible for our friends at Street Hope Saint John, this summer. We plan to accomplish this not through legerdemain but by applying simple biblical principles. Romans 1:20 tells us “For since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities – His eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen…” Nature itself paints a picture and tells a tale of an all-powerful and loving Creator. This summer we want to put this precept to work for us. We want to invite people on a ‘spiritual journey’ to witness God in nature.  

New Brunswick has long been known as “The Picture Province”. God has wonderfully displayed His nature all around us, but what about those folk who only see the a sunset as it dips behind the tenement across the street, or the one who only witnesses the rainbow in an oil slick floating in a mud puddle. These folks are disadvantaged! We have purposed to take folks on day trips, this summer, to explore beauty and discover afresh the God of creation and the Word who spoke it into being!  

With this idea, which sprang from Romans and the idea that we would be trekking around on these day trips, we are calling this project “A Roamin’ Holiday”. Over the summer we hope to make several such trips: to investigate Hopewell Rocks, visit Kingsbrae Gardens, go whale watching, play on New River Beach, visit a lakeside cottage, tour a dairy farm and to eat lots of picnics! All this will take resources. We will only be able to do as much of this as we can afford. Some plans will cost little aside from transportation and others are more costly.    

We are asking you to consider helping us with this venture. Last summer folks generously supplied funds for a lavish Fandango and the gift of a fan. This year we are asking those same generous folks to help us to make a difference in people’s lives. While most church activities close for summer vacation, my Street Hope friends get no holiday from the drab grey life of poverty. We have an opportunity to provide them a holiday (a holy day) to discover anew the Creator in the midst of His wonderful creation.  

We are budgeting $3000.00 for this project. It is our hope that 60 people will give $50 to enable our friends to experience “A Roamin’ Holiday”.  

Ways you can give:

  • Online at
  • Call Threshold Ministries to donate over the phone 506.642.2210
  • By cheque or money order, payable to "Threshold Ministries" and mailed to:  

        Threshold Ministries
        105 Mountain View Drive  
        Saint John, NB E2J 5B5    
        *Be sure to specify that you’d like your funds to go to Street Hope Saint John.  

Please keep us in your prayers and look for reports of God’s activity as we embark on “A Roamin’ Holiday.”

Blessings in Christ,  

Reed Fleming
Street Hope Saint John