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As of late our lives are very different than they have been. At the National Office we are here to help you if you need any assistance; please call on us. We will relay any information that comes out of our partner organizations, i.e. CSC, as quickly as possible.
Please take every precaution to keep yourselves and those you serve safe during these times. Follow the advice of the National and Provincial Guidelines; some of the activities we have planned have changed. Please contact the local project leader for information regarding programs and service .
I am reminded of Davids words in Psalm 34 in verses 11-22, in these there is a lot of guidance and wonderful promises to those who face "many troubles" (v19). Our God rescues us. We are praying that you will have many opportunities in the coming days to share and show the hope and love that only Jesus brings in your communities.
May God bless you and protect you.
Take Care,