Street Hope Saint John


I’m excited about being a part of the Kingdom of God and glad you that you have arrived at our website. My name is Reed Fleming, and I am leader of Street Hope Saint John. We launched Street Hope Saint John in the fall of 2012 and gather regularly at 36 Sewell Street in Uptown Saint John. The times together are centered on three themes:

1.) Study and worship - We believe there is no higher calling than to worship God. We believe that for Street Hope to be a catalyst in the community we must find ourselves in God’s presence and grow in our knowledge of Him. Street Hope gather as a community for worship, study and prayer at least once a day. (See our weekly schedule below.)

2.) Outreach & Maintenance Programs - The emphasis here is to provide venues where people can find freedom in Christ, from a variety of addictions and behaviours. Many of the founding members of the community come from lives ensnared in these addictions, so the program is of use in maintaining their freedom while reaching out to help others in the wider community to find such freedom. This involves 12 Step studies, an over-comers program and a variety of video and guest speakers and ministries. This is the main way in which people become new members of the community.

3) Serving the Master - The community and its individuals serve the wider community. This is mainly done through volunteering with other existing ministries, particularly those that serve the marginalized of our city. Examples are: Out of the Cold, Out Flow, Hope Mission, Salvation Army Friendship Centre, and mission activities sponsored by local churches.

Street Hope requires one salaried position and some limited material expenses to run smoothly. We believe that commitments totalling $6,000/month are needed to cover all Street Hope expenses including our major Garden and Christmas Projects.