What are Shoeboxes?

Shoeboxes are small gift boxes packed in a shoebox, each thoughtfully prepared for needy people in downtown Victoria. They are distributed by volunteers, from the Street Hope motor home, which is parked in downtown Victoria two nights per week.

The shoeboxes are a form of love and support for the folks who drop by the motor home for a cup of warm soup and a sandwich. They are a means of showing people that they are accepted and cared for, and importantly, they are a glimmer of the love God has given us for them. The shoeboxes go a long way in forming a relationship of trust, foundational to meaningful connections with the folks that drop by the motor home.

Shoeboxes also an opportunity for you to express your concern and care for people in need. If you would like to participate, fill a shoebox about ¾ full of non-perishable, easy-opening food and personal hygiene items. Then contact Street Hope and we'll pick it up, or if you can arrange to drop it off, that would be helpful too.

Thank you! Street Hope Contact Info: Rob Hosie 250-661-6852 or robhosie@gmail.com

Suggestions for Shoebox Gift Boxes 

  • granola bars, cereal bars, protein bars
  • small packs of peanuts, small packs of crackers with cheese 
  • small boxes of raisins, trail mix, fruit leather 
  • mall cans of fruit, puddings
  • chocolate bars, cookies
  • juice boxes
  • plastic spoons, fork or knives as needed
  • small packs of Kleenex, small note pad and pen
  • socks, gloves, hats
  • toiletries – small travel sizes of toothpaste, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, razors, lotions (please mark box male or female if applicable) 
  • small notes of encouragement
    • Please do not include any medicine.
    • Please secure the box with a rubber band.

Thank you for caring!