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LIVING proof:

"LIVING proof" offers an interactive approach for followers of Jesus Christ to learn and see how they can easily share their faith with those around them. Based on the workbook of the same name, this seminar will move you from wanting to see people know Jesus, to being an active participant in God’s overall plan.

We hear that across our great country most congregations are getting smaller. As Christians, our hope is found in Jesus Christ and His gift of eternal life. People in our neighbourhoods, communities and families are searching for hope. By the end of our time together, we will be excited and ready to share our hope.

Topics covered:

  • Why is evangelism God’s idea?
  • Your story and how to share it
  • Who can you share your story with?
  • Leading people to Jesus
  • Overcoming reasons why we don’t share Jesus
  • Getting into our community

You will receive:

  • A copy of Stepping into Evangelism;
  • An interactive, practical learning environment;
  • Over 9hrs of motivational teaching on faith sharing.