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Peterborough, ON

Street Hope Peterborough (SHP) was established in 2008 under Threshold Ministries as a front-line evangelistic initiative that offers both spiritual and practical support as a chaplaincy outreach to people coming out of prison and the marginalized living in our community.

Our chaplaincy ministry responds to individuals battling addiction, emotional and mental and self-esteem battles and those facing homelessness, poverty, and many forms of brokenness in their lives. SHP has been engaged in the process of helping people to rebuild their lives by helping people to understand and respond to the love that Jesus has for their life. We are rooted in Christ and sharing hope.

The foundation of SHP is built on building meaningful friendships with hurting people while pointing them to Jesus who can forgive, restore and transform the course and direction of our lives. Luke 19:10 (TPT) expresses the purpose of this ministry: “The Son of Man has come to seek out and to give life to those who are lost.”

Ministry Leader

Darrin Gaudreau

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888.316.8169 ext 5

Fall 2023 Update

Ministry has been extremely busy with great opportunities for sharing the love of Jesus with many broken people. We have had an opportunity to maintain established relationships and to build new connections with our community. We have the privilege of working alongside compassionate and caring volunteers who are central to helping us bring hope and love to those who are hurting.

Bill is a Roman Catholic deacon who has been a great blessing to Street Hope Peterborough. He faithfully meets with Catholic men coming to our community from prison as well as others who need a faithful friend. Stan and Andy invest their time in the lives of men who need a helping hand; Gay and Victoria

support our ministry at a retirement home where we offer a monthly chapel service; and Joe and Ian assist us in our food distribution outreach every second week.

SHP also has a large group of church volunteers who assist in our sandwich ministry to people in our city’s tent community and with our Victoria Park events during the summer months. SHP is richly blessed by our faithful volunteer support that reaches into the hearts of those we are supporting in Peterborough, Ontario.

Jack, who we have been supporting since 2018 has been touched by Jesus in a special way in the last few months. Jack has served over 40 years in many federal prisons in North America and although he is now nearing 80 years old, he is embracing the forgiveness of Jesus. He has also been experiencing a special touch of God’s healing love the past few months as he has been giving his burdens to Jesus in a new way.

Jack was removed from his home at a very young age for his own safety and was placed into a training school where he continued to be abused. This trauma led to Jack choosing a life of crime. Since 2018, Jack has started a new life in Christ and he made a decision never to go back to prison. He is an inspiration of how Jesus can change a person’s life when they trust Him! Jack continues to live a life that demonstrates his determination and commitment to never give up and to turn to God and to find new life in Jesus. He made a decision when he came out of prison never to hurt anyone again through crime and he is living up to that promise.

As a chaplain, Jack has shown me how God is all powerful to change a life that surrenders to Him. I praise Jesus that Jack now lives the rest of his life for good and he is an inspiration to others who are coming out of prison. Please pray that Jesus will continue to give us His grace as we reach out to many hurting people in our community with the shareable hope of Jesus. We want to see people surrender to Jesus, embrace His love and to be transformed by His love!

Darrin Gaudreau